English sample of ‘Hoor’, translated by Liz Waters

Together with Flanders Literature, I made an English sample of my latest book ‘Hoor: of is dat geen muziek?’ (translated in English as ‘Listen: Or Is This Not Music?), published by Houtekiet/VBK in April 2022.

You can read a part of chapter 2 about ‘multi-ethnic listening‘ by pressing here. It was made in collaboration with renowned translator Liz Waters.

Some words about this way of listening:

‘In our current world we come into contact with sounds from diverse cultures. With clarity of insight we can avoid the trap of ethnocentric listening and try to make contact, in an inquisitive and respectful way, with sounds that strike us as strange at first. This can produce multi-ethnic listening as an intercultural experience of music.’

By reading this chapter I hope you will enjoy music from Blackfoot people, the Inuits, the Kaluli, the Māori, Japanese ancient courts, the Mohawk cellist Dawn Avery, the Dhrupad master Zia Mohiuddin Dagarand and many more.

You can listen to all the music mentioned in the chapter by scrolling on this listening page.

Contact me if you are interested in my translation rights. More info about the book here.

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