La Houle (FR) – noise pop/indie/postpunk from France

Photographie prise pour l’album de Simon, copyright Jean-Louis Carli

Simon Sockeel, head of La Houle explores noise and electronic sounds between storm and calm, poetic vulnerability and massive soundscape. Countering the French pop music without losing sight of it, he breathes into his songs versatile and reverberant atmospheres, pure in their shamelessness, soundscapes resulting from his wanderings towards ambient music. In Live, he is joined by 3 musicians from heterogeneous bands (T/O, Fontanarosa, Requin Chagrin, Veik). Spotted by the French Avant-garde non-label La Souterraine, the group released “Première Vague” published by Becko Disque and Requiem Pour Un Twister in 2018. In April 2022, the group released “La Chute”, a sinuous, moving and introspective album on October Tone, Music from the Masses. More info:

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