Zelle / Wenn es Dunkel Wird, dramaturgie bij kameropera van Jamie Man.

Momenteel werk ik mee aan een kameropera in regie van Jamie Man. Dit is een productie van LOD in coproductie met deSingel Internationale Kunstcampus en Casino Zug Swiss. Met steun van European network of opera academies – enoa.


ZELLE / Wenn es Dunkel Wird 

CELL / When Darkness Falls

Premiere in October 2021

It is winter. A woman is found alone in a small hut high up in the mountains. She is suspected of having killed her children. The interrogator questions the woman and in doing so, receives no answers, leading her instead to reflect on her own state of mind. As time passes, the fog thickens and clarity dissipates as it becomes harder and harder to find what was never lost.

A mind in a body in a room in a story in a mind in a body in the world. One by one, the layers fall away in a ritual of unravelling and we are immersed in darkness, in light, in sky, as we follow the transformative power of letting go of the need for answers to our questions.


Composition & direction  Jamie Man 文珮玲

Text  Peter Stamm

Light & scenography  Ezra Veldhuis

Dramaturgy  Tomas Serrien

Soprano  Natascha Young

Countertenor  Steve Katona

Nōh  Ryoko Aoki 青木 涼子

Throat singer  Jackie Janssens

Ensemble  Asko | Schönberg

Electric guitar  Wiek Hijmans

Percussion  Noe Rodriguez

Electronics  4DSounds

Lees hier een interview met Jamie over Zelle.

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